The Wider Curriculum


BGS’ curriculum equips students with the knowledge:

- To care for the wellbeing of themselves and for others, being able to create and maintain positive relationships leading to a happy, healthy and fulfilled life.

- To achieve their full potential through a positive and aspirational mindset alongside the qualifications, skills and character to make them ready to take their place in the global community; well equipped to compete in the job market of the 21st Century.

- To respect British values and have a sense of pride in who they are, understanding their rights and responsibilities, whilst embracing others’ views, cultures and lifestyles.

- To strive for excellence in all that they do. So they become flexible, creative and resilient enough to be a productive member of society and be able to adapt to whatever the future holds

Explanation of Information

The 'Wider Curriculum', what happens outside normal lessons, is incredibly important in providing the spiritual, moral, social and cultural knowledge to enable students to become successful adults and through the links in this area you can find out about a variety of ways in which we foster our curriculum intent beyond the classroom. The ‘Wider Curriculum’ is often what makes a school unique inspiring school and civic pride and creating memories that last a lifetime.