Mid-Year Entry

Mid-year entry to the school is possible in Years 7 to 11 if the numbers in the relevant year group are below the published admission number. Applications are made on the Lincolnshire mid-year admissions form or directly to the school, but applicants for places in Years 10-11 will need to be aware that Key Stage 4 qualification routes already started in other schools may not be able to be continued or contribute to successful outcomes from the school’s examination board syllabuses.

If a child has qualified for other grammar schools in Lincolnshire, a direct transfer can be made, at the Governors’ discretion.

Pupils who have not taken an 11+ test will be tested by the schools to assess potential. A place may then be offered, subject to the level attained correlating with performance in the top 25% of the relevant age cohort. All parents have the right to appeal against this decision via the Clerk to Governors.

Pupils in schools belonging to the Boston Secondary Schools Partnership may be referred to the school, under the terms of the partnership agreement, by the Head of their own school as a result of performance tracking, and may undertake a six-week trial period as their entry process.

For late intake applications and mid-year applications, the school will aim to remove any disadvantage to UK service personnel by applying the school’s oversubscription criteria where children are tested and reach the required standard. This will entail checking to see if the address is within the distance of the last child admitted in the last admission round that was oversubscribed on offer day. If the address is within the distance, the governors will consider admitting providing all children in public care and siblings have already been admitted. This will be irrespective of the fact that the school has heard appeals or has appeals currently scheduled. It maybe that we cannot admit because of organisational difficulties within the school, in which case we will inform the Local Authority and ask them to consider allocating second and third preferences. Official notice of postings may be requested in the above cases.