Headteacher's welcome

Boston Grammar School is a successful and forward looking community. For four hundred and sixty years we have been a centre of excellence at the heart of Boston. As we move further into the twenty first century we are determined to respond to the demands of an ever changing world, whilst retaining our core values – care, achievement, respect and excellence.

The people involved with Boston Grammar School are what make it so special. Our pupils are exemplary!  Their behaviour is impeccable and they are the school’s best ambassadors. Similarly, the team of dedicated teachers and support staff, working in partnership with parents and governors, aims to provide an outstanding education for all our pupils. We are a conscientious group of professionals, always striving to give of our very best.

Our traditions, including the Charter Day Service, Beast Mart ceremony, Remembrance Service and annual Prize Giving are valued by all - our students are very protective of each and every one. With this great history, we are determined to go from strength to strength, to serve Boston and the local community for many hundreds of years to come.

The school is proud of its success in the traditional, academic GCSE and A-level subjects, with the vast majority of our students going on to university. The school is unique in offering up to a dozen bursaries each year to students entering Higher Education, after successfully completing their A-level courses with Boston Grammar School. The Medlock Trust, Dora Stanley and Durham Castle Scholarships are significant and have proven invaluable in helping our students succeed at university. Past students have pursued careers in engineering, medicine, law, politics, architecture, media, banking and the sciences but many of those joining BGS now will enter professions and jobs which do not currently exist. This is why we are encouraging our students to develop a lifelong passion for learning. We aim to help them become resilient, adaptable and confident.

One of the school’s key strengths is the pastoral support in place. The Form Tutor, Key Stage Leader and the Assistant Headteacher responsible for student welfare are central figures in ensuring that each child receives the care and support they need to succeed. All students are also members of the school’s House system which encourages them to participate and compete in a wide range of activities. Education should be fun and we aim to make our students’ school careers as enjoyable as possible.

We are proud of the many extra-curricular opportunities on offer at BGS. The Grammar Gazette claims to be the longest running school newspaper in the country, whilst the 'Theory of Everything Club' covers ideas such as 'Black holes' and 'String theory'. These are but two of many of the clubs which exist. The school remains committed to 'caring' for all and not just our own community. We continue to raise thousands of pounds for good causes every year. Our work as an ‘International School’ has included trips and exchanges to numerous European countries. On top of this, since September 2014, BGS has developed formal partnerships with schools in Saarbrucken, Germany and Normandy, France. We are constantly looking for ways to broaden our pupils’ horizons and encourage them to be responsible global citizens.

With able and motivated pupils, and a dedicated team of staff, our school encourages all talents, creates a purposeful environment in which to learn, and provides opportunities for the spiritual, moral, cultural and social development of all our students. We hope that all prospective students and parents will visit us and experience the school for themselves. We are a caring and respectful community, with a determined focus on achievement for all.

Mr John P McHenry