Entry requirements for Sixth Form

To secure a place in the Boston Grammar School's Sixth Form, you should first look for the A Level courses that you wish to take and ensure that you make a provisional application for those courses. Once we have received and acknowledged your application, we will invite you in to discuss your choices, and we will then assume that you are a firm applicant and will cost you into our curriculum modelling. If, for any reason, your chosen combination of subjects does not fit the timetable blocking for next year, we will contact you later in the year to discuss your aspirations and how we may be able to accommodate them.

At this point, it becomes very important that you understand exactly what is required to be able to take up an offer of a place. In order to enter the Sixth Form you must have:

» 9-4 grades (or equivalent) in at least five GCSE subjects (please note that double awards, BTECs etc. are still counted by subject)

» A minimum of grade 4 in GCSE English and Maths

» A minimum of a grade 6 (or equivalent) at GCSE in any subject that you wish to take to A Level, where that subject readily exists as a GCSE course

» A minimum of a grade 6 (or equivalent) in a subject related to your A Level course choice, where GCSE courses do not readily exist or may not have existed in some feeder schools: for example, A Level Economics requires GCSE Maths at grade 6 minimum, and A Level Business Studies applicants should have a minimum of a grade 5 at both Maths and English; the separate A Level Sciences require at least GCSE grade 6/6 Double Science.

» A minimum of GCSE grade 7 in Mathematics for A Level Mathematics (or A level Further Mathematics).

In rare circumstances, we would be prepared to look at applicants who cannot meet one or more of the entry criteria due to exceptional circumstances. Such applicants may be offered a place ‘on contract’ (i.e. subject to satisfactory progress on A Level courses demonstrated by pre-agreed review points). While this may sound attractive, it should only apply in exceptional circumstances. It is never our intention to set students out on courses that they will not be able to complete to a standard that would bring them an A Level grade and UCAS points, and consequently we keep to our published admissions criteria.