Applying for Scholarships and Bursaries

Each year up to a dozen students are awarded one of the scholarships, which in recent times have amounted to £2,500 per year, for the first three years of study at university. Applicants may re-apply for one further year if they are continuing an undergraduate course. Currently there are 21 ex-Boston Grammar School students benefiting from these scholarships.

The Stanley    Scholarship

The Stanley Scholarships are awarded to those students who make the most progress in two years of Sixth Form study. Applications for Stanley Scholarships are invited from all Year 13 students looking to progress to university to undertake undergraduate studies in traditional academic degree subjects, for example English, law, medicine, history, engineering, mathematics, geography, economics, business management and languages. These are just a few of the eligible courses. Such candidates are invited to apply in May of Year 13, having confirmed their university degree course choices, by completing an application form and providing supporting information. The Awards Panel will then meet in October to consider all applicants, once university places have been finalised. One student currently receiving the Stanley Scholarship stated that, “It has helped me fund the purchase of text books and journals essential to my course at university….and has helped towards the cost of arranging work and travel in America this summer”. Other ex-students have used the funds for such things as accommodation and driving lessons.  

The Medlock Scholarship

The Medlock Scholarships are open to students who obtain three or more grade As at A level (excluding General Studies) and are entering Higher Education. One ex-student commented, ”The scholarship is a substantial prize and recognition of the hard work put in over two years at A-level. …..The scholarship was of great use to me, going a long way towards paying for rent and living costs in each of the three years I have been at Cambridge. It allowed me to pay for extra items needed for my course”. Another ex-student stated, “The Medlock Scholarship has been extremely helpful and I feel it has made a big difference to the way I have progressed through the year…..As I'm studying Medicine there has been equipment that I have been able to purchase to give me more opportunities for practising medical skills – a stethoscope and a manual blood pressure cuff and monitor….The money also helped with membership of sports clubs and the use of sports facilities at the university.”

The Durham Castle Scholarship

The Durham Castle Scholarship is open to students who successfully achieve a place at Durham University and become a member of one of the colleges there.  The scholarship is currently worth a substantial annual amount and helps recipients to offset some of the the costs associated with a university education.  All students who choose to study at Durham University and who successfully achieve their place there are encouraged to make an application to receive the scholarship.

There are also means tested ‘16 to 19 Bursaries’, which a student may be eligible to apply for depending on their circumstances. These are available during a student’s time in the Sixth Form to help support them in accessing their education.


The 16-19 Bursary Fund is paid by the Education Funding Agency (EFA) to Schools and Colleges so that they may provide financial help to students whose access to or completion of education might be inhibited by financial consideration.

This policy sets out the arrangements for how the Boston Grammar School will prioritise and administer the 16-19 Bursary Fund in 2018/19.

The school is committed to ensuring the Fund is used to support financially disadvantaged young people taking up or continuing in their education post-16 and will seek to ensure that the funds available are distributed fairly, allocated to individual need, and take into account the financial circumstances of the applicant.

Funds are allocated to students to help meet the costs related to participation, including but not limited to:

»Cost of transport to and from school
»Books and equipment
»Course related trips
»Interview and university open day expenses
»School music tuition
»Participation in sport or other extra-curricular activities